Monday Evenings at the Kotovic's

This is a great opportunity to engage in the scripture if you are unable to attend the Sunday School Discipleship Hour at 9:00am.

This study starts at 7:00pm (Class For Adults Only)


Here are some of the highlights of our Bible program:

  • Answers not only to what we believe, but why we believe as followers of Jesus

  • Teaches us how to defend our faith in Christ

  • No apologies standing on the authority of the Bible

  • A chronological approach through the Bible over a 3 year period

  • The same text and topic are taught from preschool through adult each week (Sunday Mornings at 9:00am)

  • Same memory verses for all ages – Families can memorize Scripture together

  • Practical take home pages for families to reinforce the lesson during the week

  • Sensitive to different learning styles

  • The curriculum was developed by the Ken Ham organization: “Answers in Genesis

For more information, contact the church office.